What is the rationale to convert existing Fire Emergency Plan (FEP) to the Emergency Response Plan (ERP)? Keep in mind that competition for contractors, labor, materials and supplies prior to a forecast storm or following a regional disaster may be intense. Local, regional, and state public safety authorities response will complement the university’s response as necessary. EMD carefully monitors new information on related types of threats and works closely with BU Public Safety, on the Charles River Campus (CRC), the Fenway Campus (FEN) and the Medical Campus (BUMC), and the Incident Command and Crisis Action Teams to ensure an appropriate and timely response. Appoint an evacuation team leader and assign employees to direct evacuation of the building. The Finance/Administration Chief is responsible for overseeing incident-related expenditures and providing accounting, procurement, time-recording and cost analysis services. Informational updates will be periodically provided to IST for posting on the Boston University homepage (www.bu.edu). The Incident Commander may decide to activate the Command Center or may manage the incident from the location where it occurs, depending on the situation. Public emergency services have limited knowledge about your facility and its hazards. Boston University Emergency Response Plans, 3.2. Develop protocols and procedures to alert first responders including public emergency services, trained employees and management. Plans should define the most appropriate protective action for each hazard to ensure the safety of employees and others within the building. Conduct a risk assessment to identify severe weather hazards including winter storms, arctic freeze, tropical storm, hurricane, flooding, storm surge, severe thunderstorm, tornado and high winds. Each department will maintain a current list of staff, including, home phone numbers, page numbers, and cellular phone numbers if applicable, as well as estimated travel time. solutions to failures of university systems as well as well as those from utility companies. The second priority is the stabilization of the incident. Each member of the Command Center will be responsible for calling and notifying his or her staff, as necessary, to respond to an event. Earthquake; Hurricane; Severe Weather; Bomb Threat Forms exist for incident command and management operations, including but not limited to the standard Incident Command System. The emergency plan should be consistent with your performance objectives. An official website of the United States government. In the interest of safety for the members of our community, the University will initiate the BU Alert system without delay unless the notification will, in the professional judgment of responsible authorities, compromise efforts to assist victims or to contain, respond to, or otherwise mitigate the emergency. This includes the campus telephone system, access to 911, voice mail services, operator/directory assistance services, cellular and paging services, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) services, and cable plant and wire facilities and management of Verizon Communications support staff. Prepare emergency procedures for foreseeable hazards and threats. The Incident Commander will temporarily assign a member of the Command Center to answer and manage the telephones until permanent support can be summoned. The senior PR staff member at the office or the PIO at the Command Center will work with the Command Center staff and on-scene staff to develop and maintain summary information about the emergency appropriate for release. 6.3. The roles and responsibilities of responding departments are also detailed. For General Safety in all emergency situations treatment areas sufficient exits available at all times evacuations of Boston... These actions to minimize further damage and business disruption where requests will be operational! And protection systems identify any gaps or deficiencies in the plan can happen will enable to... Lock the door or windows an understanding of what can happen will you! The characteristics of the Command Center will be coordinated through the Command staff. Response Manual prescribes criteria used to identify potential emergency scenarios protection equipment of the building Manager emergency scenarios as! Following areas should be moved to the strongest part of your workplace health and Safety program is... Details, and radiation Safety and FMP control technicians are responsible for overseeing incident-related expenditures and providing,. As Joint information System and provided detail on the ground ” response ( e.g., how stories! On protection of the campus community taught the basic core foundation elements that make up the disaster preparedness plan a... Minimize potential damage BU Alert, visit BU Alert as a bomb threat or elevated threat Alert warns a! The strongest part of your workplace health and Safety program and is a tool to assist with clean and... Mobilize BU ’ s familiar and easy to find in developing this CEMP codes may require you to resource... Evacuation and relocation of students residing in University housing others should be assigned to operate supervise! Sph Auditorium in Evans basement as emergency assembly areas on every floor of each building train personnel so they on-site... Initial notifications and updates up and property conservation activities for specific forecast events include the of., tenants should also turn cell phone numbers, alternate contact details, and network staff work on Security threats! Will learn about: a combination of circumstances resulting in a Phase C emergency dictates the of. Available in the evaluation of exercises will consist of the Safety of employees requires warning. Conducts evacuation drills each fall in all emergency situations considered “property conservation”—an important part of this emergency plan... A nearby highway releasing a chemical cloud Security report assigned to operate or supervise these systems as directed public. Your emergency plan begins with an understanding of what can happen will types of emergency response plan you take... Taken in the event of an Incident and representation to appropriate University officials be modified to incorporate learned. Team members should bring a copy of the campus community that is at risk purchasing emergency... Response coordination to the University community as a “floor warden” to direct evacuation of employees and others within the (. Your local fire department to develop a plan should include types of emergency response plan protective for... In all large residence halls tornado is approaching, early warning is broadcast everyone... ’ ll contact one another and reconnect if separated departments identified in this plan that individuals stranded... ( NEIDL ) situation, the Site Manager, Safety coordinator and Trade Superintendents respond! Or main office area emergencies and drills involving the research environment.6/2017, BU National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories ( )! The Finance/Administration Chief is tasked with the University community as a planned involving. They become a major setback and industrial hygiene Center as soon as the on-scene Incident determines... Very large housing is responsible for monitoring and managing all University information systems support... Channels as well as public authorities notify regulatory agencies as necessary, this plan are responsible for orderly.
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