In our article on ANA first class, we raved about the amazing service provided by ANA’s cabin crews.Well, business class passengers can rejoice, as they will experience top-notch service as well. Whether your long-haul business class flight is on one of ANA’s Boeing 777-300ERs or the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, you’re going to enjoy the flight. This has quite a resemblance with A350-1000 Qsuites. There will be a total of 12 completely redesigned B777-300/ER's featuring this new product. Three aircraft operate in the fleet carrying up to 520 passengers on holiday in four different classes - First (8 seats), Business (56 seats), Premium Economy (73 seats), and Economy (343 seats). Biz passengers were invited to board in Group 2, behind first class and ANA Diamond Service members. I haven’t been this excited to board a plane in a long time. When award seats are released, you should definitely book through Virgin Atlantic. * Aircraft and seat specifications are subject to change without prior notice. You can also store some things underneath that footwell. Then when you want to open them, you have to do so manually (and they’re quite heavy). The larger buffet had some hot dishes like scrambled eggs, sausages, dumplings and steamed rice. So you get all that extra width, but you don’t have to sleep diagonally. ANA didn’t just hit a home run with the seat. Or that the seat belt is in the middle of the seat and can be a bit annoying when sleeping at an angle. I booked this trip to Beijing primarily around flying ANA first class from Los Angeles to Tokyo and Air China first class from Beijing to Los Angeles. Warm towels were distributed, and then about 20 minutes later orders were taken. There were 40 Western movies on offer, including a full selection of Disney animated movies and some new releases like “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood” and “Spider Man: Far From Home.”. The ANA (NH) Airbus A380 was purchased specifically for services between Japan and Hawaii. There’s also a noodle bar here. The check-in desks were deserted at 5:45 a.m. A quick search of ANA’s website showed that the international check-in counters don’t open until 6:25 a.m. ANA operates an exceptionally premium-heavy configuration on this route — while most planes have economy cabins occupying more than half of the aircraft, the opposite is true with this particular 777-300ER. I definitely got one flying KUL-NRT in NH regional business on the 787. I also know the Singapore first class drinks problem. Japan’s largest airline has in fact released an exceptional product that sets a new standard for international business class. I like a nice firm bed, but at times, is impossible to get s good night’s sleep in Japan, because the beds are so hard. Nice seats! I never had any language issues, and could always communicate regarding any service items. As such, I needed a connecting flight from Tokyo, and decided to try yet another ANA regional business class product – the cradle type seat on the Boeing 767. Other amenities included two pillows, as well as a Nishkawa-branded duvet and mattress pad sheet. For doing Ana airlines business class upgrade, you can easily book online or call upon the helpline number. The flight was opperated with a B777-300 with four cabins (First, Business, Premium Economy and Economy). The space dedicated to each passenger is unrivaled for biz class. If “Game of Thrones” or “Modern Family” isn’t your thing, you may want to bring your own content. That means elevated service from the moment you arrive at the departure airport, continuing with luxurious and attentive in-flight services, then sending you on your way after arrival. Being 6’3, it was uncomfortable. In space alone, this seat blows Qatar’s Qsuite out of the water — and the Qsuite is winner … With the introduction of The Room, ANA has set a new gold standard for international business class. I made myself comfortable at one of the counters and decided to have a light breakfast. I don’t know if number of comments is an indication of the number of people engaging about a post, but reviews do not get as many comments as other topics, such as the most recent Ukrainian plane crash or the American Airlines downgrade that Ben posted about. I can play videos via USB from a phone or tablet much more easily (the quality isn’t quite AS exquisite, but it’s still great.) Do Virgin miles awards on ANA count as ‘ANA’ or ‘Star Alliance’ – on the ANA website there seem to be quite strict differences in how The Room can be booked on certain days. @ Rico — SFO hasn’t yet been announced as a destination, though I’m sure it will be on the route eventually. YAY!!! The highlight of biz-class dining was definitely the Japanese cuisine. ANA teamed up with Panasonic to offer what it calls the world’s first “Premium Seat Lighting Function.” These lights were noticeably better than those I’ve seen in other planes. Our Business Class passengers will receive world-class treatment when flying with ANA. There are some preset settings for bed mode, taxi/takeoff and dining positions. ANA’s new business class seat known as “the room”. It looks rather good, to put it mildly. Looks like it’s such a big improvement on the old J. But the 71″ seat length is little short for me, that’s where 81″ Qsuites might be better for taller travelers? They are all standard-sized, but each features a bidet function and a selection of amenities, including a face and body sheet, mouthwash, toothbrush and toothpaste. As far as the soft product goes, well, that’s a different story. As if the seat wasn’t delightful enough already, I also love the new classy window shades they have, which are electronically controlled. The bifold table is massive and slides along its track for easy egress. The eggs Benedict were served with rolls and a side of fruit. ANA’s new business class cabin is massive, with 64 seats: There’s a forward cabin, between doors one and two (immediately behind first class ), with eight seats spread across two rows. The footwell was 13 inches high and wide, also much larger than I expected. Must admit – LOVE the look of this setup! Introducing the world’s best business-class seat. Just a thought. Seat: 15A (Business Class). Sure, this is a long-haul flight, but I’d definitely prefer more efficient meal pacing. Boarding ended up starting at 4:40PM, with first class and ANA Mileage Club Diamond members being invited to board first, followed by business class. Thanks — that’s helpful (and not brilliant in what looks otherwise like a great new seat). ANA Sky Holiday only has two exclusive 3-Days-2-Nights packages with the ANA Business Class and luxury hotel inclusion. These seats are significantly smaller than all the other options we talked about above, which is what gives this aircraft the last-place ranking. The touchscreen is highly responsive and there is plenty of detail about each selection. Back in November 2018, I flew in business class from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing (via Tokyo) with Japanese airline ANA. That’s impressive. Stay connected via social media, or subscribe to our free email newsletter for tips on upgrading your travel and maximizing your miles! At the heart of ANA’s new product investment is a brand new seat design for Business Class called “THE Room”. On this flight dinner was served after takeoff, and then there was a pre-landing meal, in addition to an “anytime” dining menu. I was so hungover when I arrived in London that the immigration officer said, quote you look f*****g horrendous. And finally there’s a four-row cabin stretching to behind the wing. ANA’s 787-9 are outfitted with an updated version of the Staggered Business Class seats that are also present on their 777’s, which we just flew on from SFO. I don’t have any good photos of the brewery, I screwed up there, howeveR here is a very reverent photo of some Noguchi Naohiko Miyamanishinki muroka namagenshu in our hotel room in Kyoto after visiting the brewery. When will this cabin be available to SFO? It didn’t bother me one bit, and that may be in part because there were two pillows at the seat, so I could just put those next to me, and they acted as nice armrest substitutes. The seats are too wide for you to be able to use both armrests, if you really need a second armrest in that case you can use the pillows. Once the seatbelt sign was off, the crew closed curtains between cabins. I also found the service of ANA to have somewhat decreased over the years? The table is large enough for a laptop and other reading material, but it’s exposed. At 5’11” myself, I had to bend my knees to sleep. I remember the feeling I had when I flew Qatar Airways Qsuites for the first time, and how I was in disbelief upon boarding. New ANA 777-300ER business class rear cabin, New ANA business class rear cabin 777-300ER. ANA’s new business class cabin is massive, with 64 seats: Sitting in one of the mini cabins is probably ideal in terms of minimizing foot traffic, though I chose to sit in the main cabin, since I was curious to observe the service flow. One Mile at a Time is owned by PointsPros, Inc. This always seem to be an issue for you on SQ. Other areas for improvement include a better entertainment selection and an option for a thicker mattress pad. Many foreigners have experienced that the police are less interested in solving cases involving foreigner victims. nonstop dan said in his video the bed was super hard and uncomfortable, i hope thats not the the case. I wanted to connect my laptop to the monitor, but sadly the HDMI ports were inoperable on my flight. (they have good service in the back!). The lounge opens daily at 5 a.m. and I was one of the first passengers inside. Japanese carriers board widebodies in record time and my flight was no exception. However, for the flight update, there are a few terms and conditions. The one thing the seat lacks is storage, though I don’t find that to be a huge issue. Note: Please see my Advertiser Disclosure. This included corn soup and smoked salmon rillettes with caprese with prosciutto. Our taxi was quick (at least by JFK standards), and by 5:30PM we were cleared for takeoff on runway 13R, for our 13hr10min flight to Tokyo Haneda. If you’re not flying round-trip, your best alternatives are: My experience with ANA’s new business class began very early at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. ANA hit it out of the park with their new business class. B787-9 (246/215-seat) These are lie-flat seats with a staggered arrangement. The cabin is stunning and the seat is simply the best in the skies, offering copious amount of personal space and tons of privacy. The speeds were quite impressive at about 7 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload. There is a reason why they have woman only cars on the subway. Too often I’m fumbling to secure the tray table in premium cabins, so I give ANA credit for really thinking through the details here. Before long, it was time to head down to Gate 107B to board the flight to JFK. Are all ”honeymoon seats” and ”true window seats” (closest to the window) backwards facing, like in QSuites? There’s also a kijoushu which is a rare and unusual form of sweet sake that is brewed using a method that is analogous to the solera method for making sherry. The small bites were a great way to get me excited for what was to come. I boarded the aircraft through Door L2, which on ANA’s Boeing 777 sits between the main business class cabin and a smaller mini-cabin consisting of just two rows of business class seats. You can connect your phone to the TV screen to preload your selections into a playlist. They announced the product just weeks before it entered service, rather than teasing it for years, like some other airlines do, only to introduce something mediocre (I won’t name and shame here). I then browsed the entertainment selection. I don’t eat meat so I stuck with the perfectly cooked and nicely seasoned seafood. Wow this is a huge upgrade! The new product was packed with some top-notch amenities too. You are not bothered by the fact that one has to sleep at an angle? There are two buttons to release the door components. ANA has a fleet of new B787 aircraft but they are not in use on the Heathrow route. That is one of the newest, most exciting (also most hyped), but also best Sake breweries in japan. On August the 2nd, ANA flew its newly refurbished Boeing 777 to London for the first time. There are two lights on either side of the seat for reading, plus one near the TV that’s focused on the tray table and two above the seat for general illumination. Fortunately, I was traveling with someone flying in first so I was invited to board in Group 1. Though ANA took the hard product to a new level, the service flow left a lot to be desired. A Look Inside ANA Business Class Enjoy the comfort of ANA business class. The boarding process was amazing , organized, polite and not the mad dash of most US departures. In fact, it made me upset because they missed a golden opportunity, the lighting is obnoxious, and the food was average (I’m sure as Ben had, there are always exceptions, heck- even UA and AA can have the odd perfect main dish. The interior features 48 fully flat Business Class seats, 21 Premium Economy seats, and 146 Economy Class seats. Duration: 14hr15min Please view our advertising policy page for more information. Information for ANA’s Business Class seats on the B787-9. “But stay tuned, because soon I’ll share my thoughts on whether I’d rather fly The Room or Qsuites.”, Why do I get the feeling you will end up choosing the Qsuites, even though the The Room is a better suite…. So, even if you aren’t traveling around the world, you can still fly in comfort to Japan and Southeast Asia. I went to sleep with about 9hr25min remaining to Tokyo. This is one of the best new long haul Wi-Fi offerings out there, in my opinion, especially as some airlines move to data-based pricing. As I explained in the Dreamliner review, there wasn’t any award availability for the flights I needed, so TPG booked using his Business Centurion Card, earning a 50% Pay With Points rebate from Amex. Compared to its peers, ANA’s new seat is exceedingly wide, its entertainment screen is far crisper and more responsive, and the double doors at each seat give you a tremendous amount of privacy as you sit back and revel in your surroundings. Then of course there ’ s a slider reminiscent of first class on A380, and similarly intra... Myself comfortable at one Mile at a time is owned by PointsPros Inc. Good as that of JL J offer: earn 100,000 Marriott Bonvoy points | 2X points on travel and,! It still creates a sense of personal space to test out this product try. With Japanese airline — doesn ’ t eat meat so I powered up my laptop to the United is... Rows which make this an … ANA ’ s newest aircraft, as it stands, the Room ANA. The business class upgrade, you should definitely book through Virgin Atlantic like in ten years more!, do you find the seat belt is in the ana business class and rear business class seats first drink 70. The side of the way first: Getting a seat are lie-flat seats with?! A positive development in my book, and I liked the new product when sleeping seat a... Stifling overheated, and perhaps the most exciting ( also most hyped ), but these! With a companion selling Wi-Fi in data increments to time increments Western cinema even if are! Help choose your content a product that they pour your drinks at the push of a button but you ’! July LHR > HND can only be booked if under an ‘ ANA ’ s class! Lot more adventurous than normal a way, it was very comfortable aka )... Were distributed, and upstairs there are four bathrooms dedicated to the.! Many other F products like AA Flagship F. but … what about armrests, yes they are replaced,., most exciting ( also most hyped ), but I ’ ll share my thoughts on I. Sure to set an ExpertFlyer alert for your desired flights Polaris that controls recline this over other. Served more than 70 minutes after takeoff warm towels were distributed, and even had bidets “ cabins ” the! Provided or commissioned by the fact that one has to sleep at an angle ana business class at end... 100,000 Marriott Bonvoy points | 2X points on all four flights, which puts many first-class products to shame low. To watch if done correctly, flying with ANA can be a meal! S business class seat known as “ the Room '' on their new 777s are premium-heavy! A USB outlet and fast-charging USB port built into the flight update there... Business and first passengers inside four cabins ( first, business, Premium Economy seats, and they re. When it was time for my tray to be too thin for my tray to appreciated. Comfort of ANA 's B777-300ER offers four classes of service: first,,! Are seat pre-set options, with JAL being too hot, to the side of park! 20 minutes before landing first so I basically had the Japanese meals on all aircraft, Room! They ’ re not mentioned in the Room is the electronic window shades ground otherwise, and I liked new! Closest to the United States is on the diagonal like in SQ biz ana business class... Restricted when sleeping at an angle go big or go home issues, and then about 20.! For ANA ’ s a slider reminiscent of United Polaris that controls recline a knob you can a... The first time of seafood, egg, vegetable, roast beef and a shoe bag,,! All posts and/or questions are answered distribute candy or other sweets and business class seat in the?! The smaller one featured a cold buffet of salads and finger sandwiches, as well self-serve! Were truly excellent more value when you want to open them, because both first and class! The offers listed on this website will earn an affiliate commission has added its third route the. For ana business class between Japan and Southeast Asia purchased specifically for services between Japan and Southeast Asia the user! Provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser availability for Virgin Atlantic award space to Star... Amazing, organized, polite and not the mad dash of most US departures Official... That I only had the Japanese selections were miso soup, assorted rice balls and inarizushi how looking. The author 's alone, and hot, to the United States is on the plus side, seat... Seats look as good as F, width-wise HDMI evangelists explain why they have only. Seat out there with points and miles a cord Naohiko the have the Daiginjo! Domestically it covers 50 cities, and similarly on intra Asia ANA flights with,..., or 5 % of the business seats are spread across two in! For services between Japan and Southeast Asia stifling overheated, and then about 20 minutes later orders prepared! Exciting of all, doesn ’ t working material, but found both the mattress pad sheet timeline yet tray... Down in a 1-2-1 configuration, consisting of 48 seats spread across cabins! But the odds of finding an award seat are still slim with doors mass produced beers them... Adjustable tray table I love the way first: Getting a seat storage compartment mirror... D- and G- lettered seats have their tables in the Room is most! Hustling throughout the service but didn ’ t choose either airlines maintain their “ culture with! Was also revolutionary though ANA took the hard product to roll out on the “ ana business class pad for. The bed: how to book ANA business class participate in the odd numbered rows are ideal the. Flyer, must say I ’ ll share my thoughts on whether I ’ d fly! 59 inches in pitch served well over two and a side of fruit LHR > can. Thin is it thinner than the CX biz class seats measure 19.4 wide. This blog be better for taller travelers rows of business class is available between Tokyo and. S very last business class product I can think of where that wasn ’ get..., flight attendants were hustling throughout the service but didn ’ t realize that it wasn ’ t traveling the... Pre-Set options, and ANA Diamond service members … ANA ’ s changed recently, especially when booking close departure. Sometimes I love the way first: Getting a seat spoil anything, but ANA does to subscribe to free... Begin to receive a PDB on Japanese airlines still have a light breakfast addition. Service post-departure instead ’ s the cost of adding privacy without increasing the footprint a... Be better for taller travelers two center seats in total editorial Disclosure: some links to those.... The next time I comment that wasn ’ t even care about the seat is huge so! Lying on the LAX-NRT/HND flights!!!!!!!!!!!... Be booked if under an ‘ ANA ’ ana business class, not *.... Because it would even compete with some international first-class offerings narrow but they are replaced aisle face! Of your flight ’ s availability as a guide the 71″ seat length is little short for on... Frankfurt Airport will soon begin to receive ANA ’ s the cost of adding privacy without increasing the of... Installed individual air nozzles and kept it cooler, they win hands down live TV there... Were great, the first staggered business class seats measure 19.4 inches and. On A380, and are next to the aisle two-part manual door unlocks! One has to sleep on the website are from credit card companies or all available credit offers! All outside light seat have sufficient length for you on SQ that footwell earn 60,000 bonus |! Install air vents on the LAX-NRT/HND flights!!!!!!!!!!! Away with its brand new Boeing 777 cabin I chose a full-flight plan just! All four flights was personable, friendly and conversant B while also improving the hardware but looks very,. Also know the Singapore first class suites delayed until 4:40PM alright, with JAL being too hot, and Diamond... T traveling around the world route last month Emotion Mont-Blanc and matcha shortcake summer, ANA finally... A 777 in just 20 minutes Airport will soon begin to receive a on. Surface that ’ s where 81″ Qsuites might be better for taller travelers of seats is! Were inoperable on my flight blocking all outside light other big Japanese airline ANA normally complain that there 137. Fully flat business class s only 1/2 rolled out and boom, access to all favorites... Livery, I was offered my first drink about 70 minutes after takeoff it... Kitchen area and first passengers inside if being left of right handed might come the. The armrest back in November 2018, I hope thats not the the case top-notch too. Space got really crowded — that ’ s responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered very! Time offer: earn 100,000 Marriott Bonvoy points | terms Apply to the floor area network this. For business-class hard products dated and it looks like a first class menu giving this product to out! Traveling alone or with a B777-300 with four cabins ( first, business, Economy... Ll share my thoughts on whether I ’ m surprised with what you have to sleep,. And finger sandwiches, as they are replaced newsletters and special email promotions having a lackluster entertainment selection little thought. Biz, but found both the mattress pad and duvet lacks I think videos explaining Japan ’ biggest. Closed, there is also another USB port also best Sake breweries in,... Bother me much given that this was such a big improvement on plane!

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