On any topic which you have personal experience, you can open with part of your story, and then conclude with the ending of your story. To be honest I was a little nervous going into your class. The student makes links between the idea of bravery and an example of Thomas’s actions (1). We will save your time and improve your results! What is effective or ineffective about how this is written? Here is a step-by-step: 1. It's so helpful to have sample papers that students can try to recreate with their own content. Explain general information about the topic. You can explain your reaction to the article and then analyze how the writer’s style, tone, word choice, and examples made you feel that way. Then you will give your thesis. Don't forget to use "author tags" when you are talking about something in the story. That is where I think that Michael Crichton's argument may fall short. An analys… I hope that is a misprint. : ). However, not all thesis sentences are "roadmap" ones which tell everything you will talk about. Observation is the key to writing a good response paper. You can disagree with the article and explain three or more reasons why. Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on February 21, 2012: Hi--the two samples in the blue block are reading response essays my students have done. Been searching for a while on how to write a synopsis on our assignment. You can use examples from the reading, your own life, something else you have read, or common experiences we all have. Instead, you need to actually conclude your arguments. I will happily rob you of this fabulous step by step tutorial. Your introduction will be 1-3 paragraphs. What is the author’s position on any relevant theme or issue? Using hands-free headsets won’t work because it is the call which is distracting, not holding the phone. 3. There is no denying that there are several literary theories, which paid some attention to a specific role of a reader in interpreting the meaning of a piece of literary work. Overall, Y2K didn't happen, but it was due to hard work. Johnson gives statistics showing that talking on a cell phone is as dangerous as driving drunk. The best writers and affordable prices are at your service. When you have trouble in committing your thoughts to a paper, you will find this … For example, shortly before his death, Michael Crichton spoke at The Independent Institute about the "State of Fear" in the U.S. 1. Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on March 02, 2018: Hi Barbara, I turned 40 in the year 2000, and I started teaching College English in 1993 (so I've actually been teaching 25 years, but who's counting?). Excellent post!!!. A reading response is a task that asks you to examine, explain, and defend your personal response to a given work of literature. Thanks for your hub, and I have learned a lot about the skills of writing a reading reponse. NCEA Reading Response Recommendations. Briefly explain the main points of the article that you want to talk about. In addition, Crichton details many "non-events" such as swine flu, Y2K and brain cancer from cell phone use. There are four rules to writing a Reading Response: Choose a category of response, using the list of possible categories, and write the category name at the top of the response. The examples also distract the reader from focusing on his thesis, which can make his article seem more like a rant. Instead, your purpose is to explain your reaction and to give reasons (this will be the body of your paper) why you reacted that way. Sample Letter I began introducing the journals by sharing sample responses with my students. (Below is an example of some support I could use to back up this idea—you can use ideas from the article but do not repeat the article.). 2. However, unlike a review or evaluation paper, your purpose in a response paper is not to tell someone else whether or not they should read this article. Michael Crichton's novelistic scare. Writing Reading Responses (RRs) is a daily or almost-daily practice of having students craft brief, structured responses to whatever text they have read. By AgnosticPreachersKid (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)]. After that, you need to always tell when you are paraphrasing the article instead of giving your own view. Here is a sample response using these steps: I have included a FREE handout for you to share with your students to help guide them in writing thorough and meaningful reading responses. To do this, focus on the literary elements of the work, including characterization, setting, description, tone, imagery and symbolism. A reading response asks the reader [you] to examine, explain and defend your personal reaction to a reading. Here are a variety of responses to the essay. Writing a good reading response paper is not a task that requires cumbersome efforts. Look for responses from other people to the same article. Her conclusion is that we need to personally decide not to use a cell phone while driving and that we need to educate our friends and family to give up cell phones while driving, too. Carmel Therese C. Crauz on August 21, 2017: Hi Ms. Virginia, thanks a lot for a very helpful article. Here are six different ways to respond to an essay: Remember that all essays have three main parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. https://hubpages.com/humanities/How-to-Write-a-Vis... https://owlcation.com/humanities/Reading-Response-... Agreement/disagreement with the ideas in the text. Map of Jurassic Park. Get the reader’s attention by describing the subject in one of the following ways: One of my favorite techniques is to use a “frame” story or conversation for the opening and the conclusion. I voted you up. As a popular author of modern scare stories like Jurassic Park and Andromeda Strain, Crichton's perspective that we have let our fears get out of control is ironic and effective. Worries about robots creating too much leisure time have evolved into worries about smart phones creating overworked and stressed Americans. Thanks again! A sample list is below. She specializes in helping people write essays faster and easier. Induction often takes the form of looking at specific facts, experiences, or events, and coming to some conclusion about what is most likely generally true based on those specific facts, experiences, or events. I can't believe how many people are reading this hub, which I originallly put up mostly for my own students to use. He notes that at one time we were worried about overpopulation and mass starvation, and, at another, by the decline in the workforce and aging population. Use “author tags” to show you are talking about something in the article and not your own ideas. Kristi Tipps-Deutsch from Colorado Springs on July 23, 2014: I enjoyed this hub very much. Question: Where should a response-to-literature essay identify the author and title of the literary work being discussed? It turns out I’m not unusual. Now even the sounds are gone. This story is an excellent depiction of war itself. My "Stone Age" hub is really a reading response too. Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on November 18, 2011: Thanks for your comments Claudia. They help you understand the essay so that you can use it in your paper. Check out this awesome Good Essays On Reading Response To The Writing for writing techniques and actionable ideas. Explain why you think this way. For the first one, I also give examples of the type of arguments and support I would use to write that paragraph and prove my point. In conclusion, Crichton suggests that readers follow his example to take the next doomsday prediction with a grain of salt. Reading Response to "Why We Crave Horror Movies" by Stephan King, frame story: start a story (personal or from reading), expectations fulfilled: tell what you expected or thought before reading the article, tell how the reading met your expectations, expectations unfulfilled: describe your expectations, tell how these were overturned or changed, questions: ask one or more questions about topic, how article helps us understand or interpret this fact or statistics, vivid description of subject with sensory images, tell how article helps us understand description, scenario: show a typical scene or conversation relating to topic (real or made up), finish scene or conversation or repeat it with a different ending, what we all know about topic (statements most people believe). Virginia has been a university English instructor for over 20 years. Writing responses to things you read is such a fundamental part of many college tasks that mastering this ability makes you a much better student overall. Reaction to how ideas in the text relate to other things you've read. I agree with Jones that cell phones are dangerous and that we should personally choose to not use one while driving; however, I’d go further than Jones by adding that we need to have laws that prohibit anyone from using cell phones in cars. By Jon Chase photo/Harvard News Office [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0) or GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html)]. You can tell what you liked and what you disliked, two things you liked, how you felt about the plot and how you felt about the way it was written, or two other aspects of the story. Does the tone, style, organization, word choice and content work for that audience? It was the largest peacetime effort to prevent disaster at least since the Marshall Plan after WW II, which was also a success. Great info. You can often use the same type of technique that you use in an introduction. Were you really six years old during Y2K? I have been so happy to find that many students both in my class and out have been able to write better and faster when given clear instructions. Good luck on your assignment! The author brings the reader along with him as he moves through the laundry list of 20th-century fears, poking fun at the exaggerated extremes of these claims through sarcasm as he describes the ever-switching pendulum of panic and public opinion. The second paragraph would explain why l liked learning about 19th century England. Although I'm less than a third of the author's age, I've experienced plenty of angst I probably could have avoided. Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on November 27, 2018: Hi Dae--what you are describing is a personal experience essay. You can put it in the very first sentence if it is a short essay, but generally, you may want to start with a bit more of an interesting introduction. So, I say, let's get educated, stop being afraid, and make a good and realistic difference for a better future. Contrary to what you may have learned in previous writing classes, you should not repeat or summarize your arguments in the conclusion. Our assignment is to write a response to the story and express our opinion, Can you explain how to do this? The article was originally published in Parade Magazine on December 5, 2004. Check out some of my other hubs for other writing help. My task is to write a response to our favourite book in 2 paragraphs could you please help with that. Johnson cites statistics showing that talking on a cell phone is as dangerous as driving drunk. Reading Response Example. Crichton details of the many of the global scares he has witnessed, which include many predictions which are mutually exclusive such as the scare for global cooling followed by the scare about global warming. It is a compilation of my Reading Response Rubrics 1 and 2. Fully answering an ER prompt often requires 4 to 7 paragraphs of 3 to 7 sentences He explains how it was research he was doing into natural disasters like Chernobyl which caused him to realize that the scope of some of the fearful things of our century was not as big as he had realized. Answer: I'm glad you've asked whether a reading response paper can be about a piece of literature. Check out this awesome Sample Reading Response Essays for writing techniques and actionable ideas. In his essay, "Let's Stop Scaring Ourselves," Michael Crichton addresses the problem that during his lifetime, Americans have become burdened and consumed by highly publicized fears which turned out to be false alarms. 1. For a more secure Achieved, the student could develop the idea expressed about how much strength is needed to maintain hope in such a … Ideally, that sentence will tell two different ideas so you can do one in the first paragraph and the other in the second paragraph. Is it the same process as the one demonstrated above? Or you could open with a dilemma or problem and then close with a solution. it is really helpful on June 12, 2012: Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on April 20, 2012: Thanks so much peytons for letting me know that this has helped you. You can analyze the rhetorical situation (occasion, purpose, audience, and context) of this article and explain why the author’s personal experience causes them to write this piece. Coming into my assignment, I was very nervous. In particular, we would be less afraid. In fact, I've especially noticed that my ESL students were required to do these projects in their classes. VirginiaLynne. I've never written a reader-response paper. However, reader-response criticism, as modern literary philosophy emerged between the 1960s and 80s, particularly in German and the US. Here you will argue your thesis and give support for your ideas from your personal experience and your own thinking and reading. Thanks for the illustrations. In an essay about dealing with a family member with Alzheimer’s, you could open with a conversation between family members trying to figure out what to do and conclude with a conversation between the same people after they have decided to place that person in a nursing home. Here is an example: I really enjoyed Anthony Trollope's novel Can You Forgive Her? Sometimes the books they use aren't particularly helpful at explaining the process. thanks. I also added it as a favorite so that I can refer to it as often as possible. A collection of suitable titles can be found via the library catalogue, separated into Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and English Scholarship lists, under the Quick Lists tab at the top of the page. My daughter Xuan started her response journals writing since elementary school years just like other kids did, those were simple ones and we never kept them. 4. ENG/100. It is more of an insight to your own personal beliefs, views, and most importantly, observations instead of a text-book approach. Is Google Making Us Stupid? If there is a particularly strong character who represents a theme, you might choose characterization and description as literary elements to support your argument. We need to have laws prohibiting the use of cell phones while driving. It is better to see once than to hear one hundred times! Sample Student. Ms. Lynne thank you so much. What does the author want me to think, do, or believe after reading? Reading Response is really a lot like a book review, and so that is always fun! Please add more to help other people that need it! Crichton also effectively uses his life story by opening the essay from his perspective as a younger man constantly plagued by worry over the latest, highly publicized fears. Incredibly helpful. You could conclude with what that coastline looks like now. Choosing an approach to your argument is the first step. As a result of this reading, what can … A thesis sentence for a Reading Response paper will say the main response you have to the what you've read. Cheers! "The Things They Carried," by Tim O'Brien at first seemed to be just another war story. Reader Response to "Let's Stop Scaring Ourselves" by Michael Crichton. Ben's journey on this camping trip parallels his journey through his fears to overcome them and includes... 2. Reader Response Questions. What is the best evidence to prove that main idea? Second: I think that Michael Crichton came to his realization a bit too late - after a lifetime creating and profiting from the problem he then encouraged us to stop creating! No. Your instructor will probably have this information for you. Her writing significantly improved after she participated in the summer reading program provided by Carey Memorial Library in town of Lexington this summer vacation. It was quite fun in those days because the professor obviously chose books that where especially thought provoking and that made it much more interesting and easy too. I appreciate your comment and the time you've taken to respond at length. More recently, I remember the "Mayan Apocalypse" and scares about the Bird Flu. Claudia Tello from Mexico on November 18, 2011: I used to write reading response essays for a literature course I engaged in during my college years. Put forth a question your essay will answer. For this essay, because you want to give both information about the subject and also briefly summarize the article you are responding to, you probably need at least two paragraphs. People wearing masks. Answer: There is no particular word count required for this sort of paper. 2. End with an appeal to the reader to do the same, but to also support legislation to prohibit cell phone use while driving. Reading Response Journal Examples. Although at times he sounds like a ranting, senile old man, Crichton's smooth and sensible writing appeals to reason and simplicity and makes the reader want to agree. I have three thoughts: I would like to see a world where everyone could write a Reading Response Essay by age 10 (5th grade). Do I agree with Michael Crichton? I’m writing a personal response to any story we’ve read in class, and then I have to relate to our real life events or how we relate to this character. She specializes in helping people write essays faster and easier. Conclude your paper with why you liked or did not like the story and maybe what you will continue to think about or do after having read the story. Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on June 12, 2012: Thanks! Answer: You need to identify the author and title of the literary work as soon as you start talking about them in your essay, which is usually in the introduction. This file includes 21 reading response rubrics on a variety of topics. In fact, our family even participated, to a certain extent, when we were the recipients of some of the supplies our neighbors had stockpiled (what my mother did with the 50-pound container of beans I never did find out!). https://owlcation.com/academia/How-to-Write-a-Reading-Response-Essay However, I usually assign at least a 3-4 page essay to make sure the students do a thorough job. Do you write many reading response hub-essays? You will be asked to explore: why you like or dislike the reading, explain whether you agree or disagree with the author, identify the reading’s purpose, and. He helped create, then fed, America's addiction to fear of the destruction of the world. The response begins to make a link between the real world example of someone who faces challenges, and how most people and Chris’s wife respond to such challenges (2). Stop the story right before the crash. Claudia Tello from Mexico on November 19, 2011: Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. In his talk, he gives a detailed explanation of how he came to formulate the ideas for "Let's Stop Scaring Ourselves." Does that mean my generation is off the hook? Of the various crises you mentioned, I know one from my own experience could have been real, and was averted. I think if we were all trained in understanding what we hear and read and deciding for ourselves, the world would be a better place. Paragraph 1: Dramatic re-telling of a personal story of picking up my cell phone and then realizing that I am going to crash into another car. That is sometimes appropriate for in-class essays when you are not sure you’ve been clear about your main points, but it is not appropriate for college writing. That is partly why I've developed so many hubs to help them and they are some of my most popular ones. For example when she is leaving the house to go to a protest Mr. Banks runs into her at the door and tells her to sit down and start taking notes and immediately she then replies “yes dear” with a smile and obeys. reading binders are definitely a work in progress. Voted Up and Useful. Model. Another approach is to retell the same story in the conclusion with a different (usually better) ending. I like the fact that you added examples for a better understanding. Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on October 30, 2011: Thanks somethingblue! https://owlcation.com/humanities/Sample-Reading-Response-Paper Introduction/theme: 1-2 paragraphs that “set the stage” for what will follow. I remember Y2K, even though I was only 6 years old. Here is a Reading Response paper with examples about a thesis:https://owlcation.com/humanities/Reading-Response-... For a responsive paper is it necessary to have a thesis sentence? Having a good example, you will be able to differentiate between a good and a bad assignment format. In this "roadmap thesis," you can give yourself (and your reader) an outline of everything you will be talking about in the paper. No more clicking of computer keys, or the whirl of an old dial up modem, surfing the net has gone silent. It is a good idea to find a reading response example and have it in front of you when working on your academic assignment. I have written reading response hubs on Chinese books for kids and early readers. The information I found on your site gives me the confidence to move forward! I once again appreciate your efforts. Reading Response. The way this works is that you tell half of a story or conversation in the introduction and then tell the rest of the story in the conclusion. It is one of my favorite topics that has been explained clearly. Question: What is the word count required of a Reader Response essay? You formulate an evaluation any time you answer someone’s question, “What did you think of that book (article, movie, class, or news report)? You are absolutely right about the importance of learning how to do Reader Response. In her article “Cell Phones are Dangerous,” Mary Johnson argues that as statistics of cell phone use while driving goes up, so do accidents. Thanks again! Explain a character's problem and then offer your character advice on how to solve his/her problem. Finally, I Googled this topic and realized that there isn't much on the web explaining how to write reading responses, even though that is a very common essay topic in a lot of disciplines. So turn these ideas into topic sentences. Sid Kemp from Boca Raton, Florida (near Miami and Palm Beach) on May 19, 2013: Your very welcome, Virginia. Paragraph 2: After your introduction, transition by explaining what the author of the article you have written has to say about this topic. Still, better late than never, and I'm glad for his encouragement to end the fear. Inductive Reasoning You should use inductive reasoning in your Reading Responses and in your essays for this course. Week 3 Example Reading Response. Reading Response. Laws make people realize that cell phone driving is dangerous. The response starts on the next page. Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on November 03, 2011: Thanks Carol3san--I've been very surprised at the number of people who have looked at my writing hubs and I'm always grateful for positive feedback. In fact, it was the original release of his first novel, Andromeda Strain, that got me worried! You do good work teaching students to do this. If the class discussion also influenced you, you can talk about that as well. The rest of the paragraph should give details to back up that point. Possible entry points include: a broader trend that interests you in American history and how this book’s contents explain it; another book (or school of thought) that this book either supports or Moreover, she points out the increasing number of accidents caused by cell phone use. Sample format for a reader response paper of 4-5 pages: 1. While assuming an audience who is roughly his age and has experienced these same scares, he gives enough details to convince even a younger audience to take his advice to keep things in perspective. You can find my instructions on that by Googling that title and my name. As I started reading I thought I was not going to have any interest at all in the story; however after I got into the story I found myself more interested than I thought I was going to be.
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